Dave started flying in Cape Coral when he was just a young boy about 13, mostly u-control planes because he couldn't afford the remote control airplanes.

   Not until he was stationed in Germany while in the Army did he buy and build from scratch his first remote control airplane in 1974, and his 2nd, and 3rd and so on (back then it was the days way before the buddy box system, you learned by crashing, fixing or scrimping and saving, and buying another one).

   He also bought a couple of choppers while there, and flew and crashed them. Only one made it back to the states, but a couple of planes did make the shipping back, that is the ones he didn't wreck.

   This website is a compilation of Dave's RC World. Here he will be sharing his tips of things he's learned along the way; meeting and flying with some other great pilots; and lots of photos.

   You can join him and the other pilots at the Cape Coral R/SeaHawks Flying Field located in Cape Coral, Florida and there's also a lake, Lake Argosy, to fly your seaplanes or sail a boat. See photo below.

Updated: 7 Oct., 2017

He's come a long way since those days...

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Welcome to Dave's RC World!

Dave's  RC  World