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Updated: 13 Mar., 2017

   Meet  Don Hurtle originally from Elizabeth, New Jersey. Here he is seen flying one of his jets at the Cape Coral R/SeaHawks Flying Field. This one is called the Navy Cat.
   He started out flying at the age of 16 in front of his house. The planes back then were line control or U control planes.

   Meet  Jan Crawmer from Zanesville, Ohio flying over Lake Argosy, Cape Coral R/SeaHawks Flying Field.

   Dan said he started out flying helicopters around 2008, despite having a good instructor, it didn't seem to be his thing. He taught himself how to fly RC planes with no lessons other than on a flight simulator and he's become pretty proficient. Dan started out with a T-28 and his skills have vastly improved as can be seen in the photos.

   He began flying the rc planes around the 1950. The hardest thing was to  build from scratch (kits weren't like they are now arfs). He taught himself how to fly RC planes with no lessons other than to crash and build and then do it again. I think most older pilots did, now-a-days, you only need one radio whereas a few years back, you had to have a radio for each airplane.

   Don's first RC plane as a super Airotrol with 42" wing span and the engine size was K&B 35. He stated that his worst crash was about 2 years ago with the small RC plane called the profile. He said it was completely demolished.

   About 14 years ago, Don got started in building and flying jets. The first jet airplanes he flew was a Kangaroo with great bouncy landings. It used a Ram turbine with 23 lbs. of lift. The largest plane that Don ever flew was a mid-wing Xtra 330 Carf with a wing span of 104". His preference has changed to flying mostly Navycats and Xcalibers.
Updated: 13 Mar., 2018

   Meet Dan Neidert, originally from  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He moved to Fort Myers in 1992 and joined the Cape Coral R/Sea Hawks Club.

   Dan began flying in 1988 and his first airplane he started flying with was the Sig cadet with a wing span of 57" and a K&B 40 with an AM radio.

   He flew a Sure Flite with a wing span of 48". It was a styro type not a foamy like now but it went into a tree and was totally un-repairable. It had a 15 motor.

   Dan's favorite airplane was a North East Aero Dynamics with a 40 Enya motor. He crashed it when he lost orientation.

   Meet  Mike Massa, originally from Denver, Colorado, started flying when he was 12 years old and then he learned about girls. Well, eventually he got back into the sport and he's been flying again for over 6 years. His teacher was Don Walpurgis.

   His favorite plane to fly is a float plane. He remembers his worst wreck was a twin engine sea plane he built but it didn't even survive the maiden flight. He stated that he's only lost about "two dozen" planes. He says currently he has about 7 planes in his personal hangar collection.

   He flies over Lake Argosy and there he performs many touch and go maneuvers on the water, a pretty sight to see with water rippling effect the plane does when it touches the water. Mike also flies at various other flying fields, mainly those with water parks.

   His latest thing is 'aero towing' for gliders. Mike is now an instructor for the Cape Coral R/SeaHawk. He said, " I like teaching other guys".
Updated: 6 Feb., 2018